About LTCC


The increasingly important demand on higher integration and miniaturization of communication devices, coupled to the use of higher frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum (i.e. to 60 GHz and beyond), are the main technological drivers.

LTCC technology offers excellent capabilities for the integration of high frequency devices and modules, allowing the use of high performance ceramic materials co-sintered with excellent conductors like gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

Multi-layer LTCC circuits are built from thin flexible sheets of ceramic material in green state. These layers are parallely processed (i.e. via forming, filling and materials printing), stacked, laminated and finally co-fired producing ceramic electronic circuits with a very high density of integration.

Due to the relatively low sintering temperature of the LTCC base material (i.e. about 800 – 900oC), conductor pastes are based on noble metals. Moreover, the high permittivity and reduced loss tangent of the ceramic materials provide excellent electrical performance with further miniaturization. Additionally, lower coefficient of thermal expansión, good mechanical properties and the feasibility of embedding passives, are very relevant advantages compared to traditional printed circuit boards.

LTCC technlogy is a safe, robust and very competitive choice for the implementation of densely integrated electronics operating up to 100 GHz and beyond.