The main area of the laboratory is a clean room comprising Class 10.000 (ISO 7) and Class 1.000 (ISO 6) zones.
This is essential in order to guarantee environmental stability and the highest repetibility for the fabrication process.
The lab holds a full processing line for fabricating multi-layer LTCC circuits and modules.
The most relevant equipment is the following:


Aurel 900AV Screen/Stencil Printer

Large area automatic screen/stencil printer equipped with automatic visión system and fully motorized axis that enable to guarantee carriage repetibility under 10 μm. A high-quality porous stainless-steel substrate holder is used for via filling using a vacuum pump.


KMS Laboratory Puncher

Automatic mechanical puncher from KMS Automation GmbH with 10” working area. It allows to punch more than 1000 holes/min with excellent sidewalls and position accuracy under 12.5 μm. The equipment allows up to 8 simulatenous tools combining registration, cavity and via tools. A camera system is available for fiducial recognition and last hole inspection, enabling punch after printing. Via holes down to 60 μm can be achieved.


PTC LT-08001 Isostatic Laminator

Lamination press for substrates up to 8” with maximum pressure about 8.000 psi and water temperature up to 85oC. The pressure profile can be programmed, monitored and data-logged.


PEO-601 Fast Ramping Tube Furnace

Rapid thermal processing chamber with quartz tube and LTCC substrate holder up to 20 coupons on convenient setters. Two flow meters enable accurate control of air flow inside the chamber. It provides excellent temperature distribution along the tube with temperature stability under 0.1ºC. Complex sintering profiles can be defined.


OGP Flash CNC 200 Multi-Sensor Coordinate Measurement System

Automatic measurement system with vision and touch-probe sensors. Maximum measuring range of 200x200x150 mm with measurement accuracy under 3 μm / 5 μm in (X-Y/Z) and touch probe accuracy about 1 μm. The system can be used for inspection and process control.


Karl-Suss MJB4 Mask Aligner


Wet Etching Fume Hood

Fume hood with automotac shash management equipped with a Suss LabTT-6 spin coater and Stuart hot and stirrer plates. It can be used for photoresist deposition and developing, and also for thin- and thick-film wet etching processes.


Back-end Miscellaneous Equipment

The lab is also equipped with several machines for back-end purposes: Kulicke & Soffa deep angle wedge bonder, Westbond eutectic/epoxy die attach machine, LPKF SMD pick&place and solder paste dispenser, and reflow oven under air/N2 atmosphere among other small auxiliary equipment.