• Design of LTCC based modules: Design, technology development and electromagnetic simulation of microwave and millimeter-wave devices based on LTCC.
  • Fast prototyping: Fabrication of prototypes based on available materials and technologies with quick turn-around time.
  • Samples manufacturing: Realization of samples and demonstrators in LTCC. From tolerance and process yield studies to samples and qualification models manufacturing.
  • Small volumen manufacturing: Fabrication of small batches of components and modules.
  • Consultancy and technology support: Integral development of LTCC products from conception and samples qualification to technology transference to external foundries for medium and high volume manufacturing.
  • Electrical test: Electrical characterization from DC to 50 GHz.
  • Metrology: Dimensional validation using automated coordinate measurement systems with micron resolution.
  • Assembly: Wire bonding, die attach, and SMD assembly and reflow soldering.
  • Education: Courses and seminars on LTCC design and manufacturing processes.
  • Partnership: LCAF is open to collaboration in national, European and international R&D projects as a laboratory of the Universitat Politècnica de València.

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